10 Best Health & Fitness Apps

I’ve tried a wide range of different fitness apps in the past few year. Some I’ve absolutely loved while others.. haven’t been so great. Today I will be showing you my favourites. 



If you have a Fitbit, I highly recommend this app. It comes with a large variety of free workout videos that you can access 5 times a week. For $10.99 a month or $54.99 a year, you have unlimited access to even more workout videos and the ability to choose a goal oriented program. The FitStar app also automatically syncs with your Fitbit app and send it all of your workout data. 

The 7 Minute Workout – Get Fit

This app is great for busy people on the go. This app creates a high intensity 7 minute workout of 12 excersises. Buy the premium upgrade for $5.49 where you’ll get 2 more workouts, voice selection, and all of the pro features (workout logs, track calories, etc). You can also pay just $2.79 to unlock just one pro feature that you want.  

Zombies, Run

This is a really fun running app that makes running into a game. There are diffeeent missions and you can collect different supplies and artifacts along the way. It costs $3.99 a month or $27.99 a year for the pro version of this app. When you become a pro, you will get unlimited missions, statistics, run customizations and more. I definitely recommend this app, especially if you’re just starting to run. 

Sweat With Kayla

This app lets you start off with a 7 day free trial. You pay $26.49 a month after that or $71.99 every 3 months. After you pay, you will get accesss to meal plans, amazing recipes, great workouts, fitness challenges and so much more. It’s definitely worth the money if you’re really serious about getting fit. 


Another app that is really amazing is 8Fit that gives you lots of great workouts for free. You can also get the pro version. You can get the 3 month meal and workout plans for  $33.99, the 1 year meal and workout plan for $84.99 or the 1 year with coach plan $79.99 that comes with meals, workouts and a trainer. 



I personally really like Lifesum. It lets you record what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. It also lets you record your exercise and water intake. It tracks the calories you’ve burned and eaten. You can also subscribe for 1 month ($9.99), 3 months ($21.99) and 12 months ($44.99) where you will get very detailed nutritional information about the foods you eat, being able to sync with apps such as Fitbit, and specialed diets and plans 


I just recently downloaded this app and I’m enjoying it so far. Based on the time of day, it will give you 6 different suggestions of what to eat. There are catogories like sunrise boost, quick meal and nutrition month. After selecting the category, it will give you a few different meal options to choose from along with their nutritional information. 

Sleep Cycle 

I absolutely adore this app. It analyses your sleep and wakes you up when you’re sleeping the lightest. It detects and records all of your movements throughout the night as well.  You have an option to start a free trial then pay $34.99 a year after that. Occasionally, something will also pop up and give you a deal on the yearly price. If you do upgrade to the premium version, you will get to see how your lifestyle and local weather affect your sleep, measumre your heart rate every morning and many other cool things. 


If you have a Fitbit, the app is wonderful. It tracks how many steps you take a day and lets you know when you hit your goal. It shows you how many km you’ve walked and how many lbs you’ve lost. It also lets you record what you’ve eaten and how much water you’ve drank. It also lets you complete challenges and adventures and compete with your friends. It has many other amazing features and I definitely recommend getting a Fitbit and getting this app! 

My Fitness Pal

This app has everything. It tracks your meals and excersise and helps you reach all of your goals. If you want to go premium ($13.99 monthly or $69.99 yearly), you will get exclusive articles and tips, an ad free app, many great ways to personalized your goals and more!


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